Full Automatic Inner Scraper Filter Housing

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Doctop's DFM/DFG Series - Full Automatic Inner Scraper Filter Housing

Doctop, as the premier distributor from the Chinese market, proudly presents the DFM/DFG Series, a cutting-edge Full Automatic Inner Scraper Filter Housing. Offering top-quality products, we cater to diverse industrial needs.

Full Automatic Inner Scraper Filter Housing's Key Features:

Full Automatic Filtering Housing System - DFM/DFG Series

DKD, a world-renowned manufacturer of self-cleaning filter housing, introduces the full series of scraper-type self-cleaning filters, including DFX motor driving external scraper, DFM motor driving internal scraper, and DFG pneumatic motor driving internal scraper. These series cater to different industrial requirements, ensuring comprehensive solutions for mechanical self-cleaning and filtration.

Full Automatic Inner Scraper Filter Housing's DFM Series - Motor Driving Internal Scraper:

DFM series scraper self-cleaning filter housing is an innovative and efficient solution for high-viscosity filtering. Specifically designed for liquids with viscosity up to 10,000CPS and precision requirements ranging from 50-1500 microns, the DFM filter removes impurities swiftly, making it ideal for high-viscosity, fibrous impurity liquid filtering.

Full Automatic Inner Scraper Filter Housing's DFG Series - Pneumatic Motor Driving Internal Scraper:

The DFG series offers a pneumatic motor driving internal scraper, ensuring versatility and efficiency in different scenarios.

Full Automatic Inner Scraper Filter Housing's Working Principle:

Filtering Status: Liquid flows through the inlet, and the internal spiral flexible scraper adheres to the filter element's surface. Impurities are trapped on the inner surface, and clean liquid flows out from the outlet.

Cleaning Status: Motor-driven scraper motion cleans the filter element using fuzzy control theory parameters to minimize filter wear and liquid flow loss.

Dirty Status Release: After several cleaning cycles, accumulated impurities are discharged through the sewage valve, allowing for the recycling of waste liquid with a high concentration of impurities.

Full Automatic Inner Scraper Filter Housing's Technical Features and Advantages:

1. Screw Shaving: Especially effective for filtering viscous liquids, removing viscous suspension impurities.

2. Simple Structure: Easy to disassemble, clean, and remove the filter element, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

3. Full Automatic Operation: Enables continuous online filtering, eliminating the need for manual filter replacement and cleaning.

4. Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly: Minimizes disposable supplies and promotes environmental sustainability.

5. High-Precision Filter Element: Equipped with high-precision filter elements to meet diverse filtering needs.

6. Low Pressure Loss: Ensures a small pressure loss, stable flow rate, energy savings, and process stability.

7. Closed Filter Design: Prevents hazardous material leakage, promoting safe production and employee health.

8. High Concentration Waste Liquid: Allows for waste liquid recycling, reducing the loss of high-value materials.

9. Advanced Control Systems: Optional advanced control systems provide powerful, efficient, and highly reliable operation.

10. Quality Components: Utilizes components from world-renowned brands, ensuring high reliability and low operating costs.

11. DCS Interface: Standard industrial process control DCS interface enables remote observation and control.

Select Doctop's DFM/DFG Series for advanced technology, efficient filtration, and unparalleled performance across various industrial applications.

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