Topline Bag Filter Housing

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Topline Bag Filter Housing Series leading distributor

As a leading distributor in the Chinese market, we proudly present the Topline Bag Filter Housings series, renowned for its exceptional quality and performance.

Key Features of Topline Bag Filter Housing TS Series:

Standard Single Bag Filter Housing 1S, 2S, 3S, 4S

Topline Bag Filter Housing   

Topline Bag Filter Housing   

Our doctopfilter standard Topline Bag Filter Housing TS series, featuring "precise quality, simple surface," stands out with its cutting-edge precision casting top-type filter structure. Optimized for peak performance, it excels in various demanding operational conditions, making it the preferred choice and receiving acclaim as one of the most popular single bag filter housing models.

Variants Available:

TS2# Stainless Steel, TS2# Carbon Steel, TS2# PP/PVDF

TS1# Stainless Steel, TS1# PP/PVDF

TS4# Stainless Steel, TS4# PP/PVDF

Topline Bag Filter Housing Series leading distributor'Key Advantages:

Enhanced Sealing: Superior sealing ensures prevention from leakage.

Increased Filtration Area: Big effective filtration area for higher efficiency.

Cost-Effective Maintenance: More convenient filter bag replacement leads to lower operational costs.

Structural Stability: Reasonably structured for stable and reliable filtration.

Adjustable Installation Height: Flexibility to meet specific height requirements.

Personalized Design: Tailored for your specific needs.

Polished TS Series Opening Cover: Internally polished for precision.

Innovative Features of doctopfilter Top in Single Bag Filter:

Optimized Space Utilization: The inner space is fully utilized, eliminating waste in the traditional side entry type.

Efficient Bag Replacement: Quick filter bag replacement reduces the risk of second pollution, in contrast to traditional side entry types requiring the removal of the filter press ring before replacement.

Wide Fluid Inlet Pipe: Trumpet-shaped top cover minimizes impact on the filter bag, protecting against accidents and ensuring small pressure loss for faster and more stable filtration.

Patented Ring Design: The filter bag utilizes a patented ring, ensuring a secure and non-loosening fit for superior sealing effectiveness.

Choose Topline Bag Filter Housing for precision, efficiency, and reliability in your filtration processes.

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