Stainless Steel Cartridges Filter Cartridge

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Stainless Steel Cartridges Filter Cartridge's Product:

10 Micron Stainless Steel Pleated Filter Cartridge


Stainless Steel Cartridges Filter Cartridge's Features:

This type of metal filter is constructed from sintered metal fiber felt (with Protected Mesh). It can be equipped with connectors, gaskets, O-rings, inside/outside support cages, etc. Common lengths include 10", 20", 30", and 40". The filter offers notable capabilities such as corrosion resistance, good air permeability, easy backwashing, high filter rating, and more.


Stainless Steel Cartridges Filter Cartridge'sFilter Elements Adaptors:

1. Standard Adaptors (222, 220, 226)

2. Fast Interface Connector

3. Threaded Connector

4. Flange

5. Tire Rod

6. Other Special Adaptors


Sintered Metal Filter Elements Details:

1) Filter Components Materials: SUS 316L, 304

2) Filtering Rating: 1-50 microns

3) Filter Media: Sintered Metal Fiber Felt

4) Shapes: Cartridge Filter, Disc Filters, Pleated Filter Elements, Filter Panel, etc.

5) Working Temperature: -200 600°C


Filter Medium Information:

① Layer: 1 layer

② Standard Thickness: 1.0mm with protected mesh

③ MOC: 316L

④ Medium Composition: 30/40/50 mesh + sintered metal fiber + 30/40/50 mesh

⑤ Medium Type View: Pleated Type (Standard Type: 5 layers), Pleated Type (Standard type: 3 layers)

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