Multifilament Filter Sock

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Doctop, the leading Multifilament Filter Sock supplier in China, provides high-quality products to clients worldwide.

Monofilament Filter Bags for Surface Filtration:

Multifilament filter sock bags by Doctop are designed to cover a wide range of retention ratings, making them suitable for applications with demanding chemical and thermal properties. These bags are engineered for surface filtration, effectively retaining particles larger than the respective pore size.


SENTINEL and SNAP-RING Mono-filament Filter Bags for Surface Filtration:

1. Non-deformable mono-filament material is woven into a specific pattern with fusion-welded intersections for extra strength and a reliable retention rating.

2. All nylon mono-filament filter bags with the FDA seal ring feature an inseam for secure filtration.

3. Nylon mono-filament grades <125 microns are manufactured with a twill-tape envelope on the side seam and bottom seam to prevent liquid bypass through needle holes.

4. The pressure-activated FDA seal ring provides a flexible, chemically resistant seal that adapts to any bag filter housing.

5. Doctopfilter strongly recommends the use of an insertion tool to facilitate the insertion of the filter bag into the bag filter housing, ensuring the correct alignment of the filter bag inside the restrainer basket.



Paints and varnishes.




Aggressive solvents.

Fine particle removal in parts cleaning.

Final filtration of lacquers.

Final filtration of vinegar.

Activated carbon removal in process systems.

Hydraulic oils and lubricants.

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