Membrane PTFE Filter Cartridges

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As a specialist in Membrane PTFE Filter Cartridges, Doctop provides a comprehensive selection of goods in this industry.

LPTA Filter Cartridges:

LPTA filter cartridges feature a permanently hydrophobic PTFE membrane, specifically designed for sterile venting and gas applications in vaccine manufacturing. These filters are integrity testable, ensuring the highest process security. With high flow rates, low pressure drop, resilience, and cost-effectiveness, LPTA filter cartridges offer exceptional performance. They are capable of withstanding extreme humidity and stringent in-line steam sterilizations, making them suitable for repeated steam sterilization for a long service life.


Features and Benefits:

High flow rates and low pressure drop

High strength, long service life, and cost-effectiveness

100% integrity testable prior to release



Cartridges are produced in a controlled environment.

Manufactured according to ISO9001 certified Quality Management System.

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