FDA Certified PP Filter Sock

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Doctopfilter,recognized as the premier FDA Certified PP Filter Sock manufacturer in China, proudly delivers top-notch products to global customers. Our FDA Certificated PP Filter Sock is fully compliant and approved for pharmaceuticals, food, and beverages.

FDA Certified PP Filter Sock's Key Features:

Selected materials guarantee compliance with all food applications, utilizing a special lubricant-free thread material for sewn bags.

Independent lab analysis ensures adherence to FDA requirements.

Migration is significantly reduced through the careful selection of polymers deemed safe under food law.

FDA seal ring prevents liquid bypass, ensuring safe and secure filtration.

Special single packaging keeps filter bags free from contamination during shipping and storage, maintaining product integrity.

Doctopfilter strongly recommends using an insertion tool for easy bag placement into the filter housing, ensuring correct alignment inside the restrainer basket.

Manufactured in a meticulously clean workshop.

Specifically designed to meet FDA requirements in certain environments.


FDA Certified PP Filter Sock's Applications:

Edible oil


Mineral water




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