Dual Layer PP Filter Sock

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Dual Layer PP Filter Sock high-quality for sale

Doctop ensures the safe delivery of Dual Layer PP Filter Sock by packing each unit in a robust wooden case with waterproof cloth, preventing any damage during shipping.


Enhance filtration efficiency and lifespan with Double Layer PP Filter Sock, crafted from two layers of premium PP filter felt. Available in two construction options: Fully welded liquid filter bags or sewing thread method.


Product Variants:

POXL Filter Bag: PP Long Life Filter Bag with Double Layer Felt

PEXL Filter Bag: Polyester Long Life Filter Bag with Double Layer Felt


Key Features:

Fully-welded construction guarantees high efficiency and bypass-free filtration.

Doctop's filter bag seal ring ensures 100% bypass-free filtration with a pressure-activated, chemically resistant seal adaptable to any bag filter housing.

Material is silicone and crater-forming substances-free, FDA certified.

Special heat set and polish surface treatment minimizes fiber release and maintains a certain micro rate.

Stable and flexible welded seams adapt to the restrainer basket.

Ring handles facilitate quick and easy filter bag replacement, reducing labor costs.

Recommends the use of an insertion tool for easy insertion and proper alignment inside the restrainer basket.


How the Filter Bag Works:

In the bag filtration system, the filter bag is supported by an inside filter basket. Incoming fluid is filtered by the bag, and impurities are intercepted within the filter bag. After changing the filter bag, the filter system is ready for continued use. Bag filters are becoming a trend, partially replacing cartridge filters due to their ability to filter large amounts of liquid efficiently.


Key Doctopfilter Applications:

Paints and varnishes



Process water

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