YM Multi-Bag Bag Filter Housing

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Doctop's YM Multi-Bag Bag Filter Housing - Unrivaled Quality for Global Solutions

As the leading supplier of YM Multi-Bag Bag Filter Housing in China, Doctopfilter is committed to delivering unparalleled quality to clients worldwide.

YM Multi-Bag Bag Filter Housing 's Key Features: 

YM Series - Rocker Multi-Pocket Type Filter Housing

YM Multi-Bag Bag Filter Housing   

YM Multi-Bag Bag Filter Housing   

Designed to meet the demands of high-capacity pollution control and large-flow filtration, the YM series Rocker Multi-Pocket Type Filter Housing is a pinnacle of engineering excellence. The multi-pocket design accommodates 2-23 bags conventionally, with a single machine capable of handling up to 32 bags. Featuring a quick-opening design and an auxiliary lifting rocker arm on the top cover, this housing supports the installation of 0.5m2 series bags. Crafted from a variety of materials, including multi-bag Q235 carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, and 316L stainless steel, it is applicable to treating a wide range of acid and alkali liquids, solvents, and neutral liquids.

YM Multi-Bag Bag Filter Housing 's Technical Features and Advantages:

1. Multi-Bag Design: Structured to accommodate 2-23 bags for versatile filtration needs.

2. High-Capacity Filtration: Ideal for high-capacity sewage or applications with large flow requirements.

3. Various Sizes: Import and export in a variety of sizes (DN80-DN300), enabling direct docking for convenience.

4. Standard Flange Equipped: Equipped with a standard flange, ensuring equipment strength and pipe load capacity.

5. Quick Opening Design: Simplified maintenance with a design that allows for easy opening by unscrewing the nut.

6. Exceptional Welding Quality: Crafted with excellent welding quality for safety and reliability.

7. Corrosion-Resistant Components: High-strength stainless steel bolt and nut ensure corrosion resistance and


8. Surface Processing: Sandblasted exterior for easy cleaning and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

9. Dual Exhaust and Drainage Design: Ensures safety and convenience in use.

10. Choose Doctop's YM Multi-Bag Bag Filter Housing for cutting-edge technology, reliability, and superior

       performance in addressing diverse filtration challenges globally.


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