Full Automatic Outside Scraper Filter Housing

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Doctop's DFX Series - Full Automatic Outside Scraper Filter Housing

Acquire top-notch quality with Doctop's DFX Series Full Automatic Outside Scraper Filter Housing System. As the premier distributor in the Chinese market, we ensure the highest standards for our products.

Full Automatic Outside Scraper Filter Housing's Key Features: 

Full Automatic Filtering Housing System - DFX Series

DKD presents the DFX Series, an efficient scraper-type self-cleaning filter designed for high-precision filtration with a precision range of 50-500 microns. The DFX filter utilizes mechanical scraping to automatically clean particle impurities on the outer surface of the filter element, enabling continuous online filtration. It is perfect for applications requiring high viscosity liquid filtration, with viscosity levels up to 800,000 CPS.


Full Automatic Outside Scraper Filter Housing's Working Principle of DFX Filter Housing:

① Liquid flows in from the filter inlet.

② Liquid flows past the outer surface of the filter element.

③ Liquid exits from the outlet.

④ When impurities accumulate on the filter element's surface, the cleaning procedure is initiated either at a specific time or by setting the pressure difference.

⑤ Gear motor drives the scraper to erase impurities from the outer surface of the filter element.

⑥ Impurities are swept downward, falling to the bottom of the filter.

⑦ The rotating sweep board directs bottom impurities into the dirt collecting chamber.

⑧ Impurities accumulate in the collecting cavity and at the bottom of the filter.

⑨ The sewage valve automatically opens at timed intervals, discharging liquid with a high concentration of impurities from the discharge port.

⑩ Residual liquid can be recovered or directly discharged.


Full Automatic Outside Scraper Filter Housing's Technical Features and Advantages:

1. Full automatic operation enables 24 hours of continuous online filtering, eliminating the need for manual filter replacement and cleaning.

2. Cost-effective and environmentally friendly, avoiding disposable supplies.

3. Metal sheet scraper for excellent impurity removal without crushing.

4. Top-quality V-SLOT filter element with precision, smooth surface, and long life.

5. Minimal filter pressure loss ensures stable flow and energy savings.

6. Optional backwashing function for auxiliary cleaning of the filter element.

7. Closed filtration prevents hazardous material leakage, promoting safe production.

8. High concentration of waste liquid can be recycled, avoiding the loss of high-value materials.

9. Modular combination and automatic mode meet various filtration requirements.

10. Equipped with a world-renowned brand geared motor for high reliability and a long service life.

11. Standard auxiliary cover lifting device for easy single-person operation.


Full Automatic Outside Scraper Filter Housing's V-SLOT High-Performance Precision Filter Element:

Precision range: 50-500 microns.

Surface seam width precision, deviation less than 5 microns.

Main body made of 316L material for excellent corrosion resistance.

V-type slot prevents impurity clogging, ensuring stable long-term flow.

Smooth outer and inner surfaces for easy scraping and minimum wear.

Capable of filtering stubborn impurities like mud and soft agglomerates.

Special hardening and wear resistance treatment for prolonged service life.

High-strength structure withstands differential pressure rise without deformation.

Tolerance to high-intensity front and backside pressure shock.

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