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P84 filter material

P84 filter material

  • Wednesday, 31 January 2024
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P84 filter material's performance characteristics?

1. High temperature resistance: P84 filter material can operate continuously at temperatures up to 260with the ability to withstand momentary temperatures of up to 280℃. Its longevity is attributed to its high-temperature resistance,allowing it to be used for over four years under normal conditions, significantly extending bag replacement cycles and reducing maintenance costs.

2. Irregular trilobal cross-section: P84 filter material has an irregular trilobal cross-section,increasing the surface area of the fabric.This effectively captures tiny particles,ensuring high dust collection precision and meeting national emission standards,even achieving zero emissions.

3. Superior chemical properties: P84 filter material is corrosion-resistant.

4. Flame retardant: P84 filter material exhibits flame-retardant properties.

 Furthermore, due to its excellent filtering performance and good air permeability, P84 dust removal filter bags can reduce the frequency of ash cleaning  and compressed  air consumption. This, in turn,reduces the energy consumption of air compressors,maintains low pressure loss with stable changes,significantly saves energy consumption for induced draft fans and ventilation fans,streamlines operational steps and operating costs, allowing the filter material to achieve maximum efficiency.

With these excellent features,P84 filter material are commonly used in harsh operation conditions,such as the purification of flue gas in industries like high-temperature,highly corrosive waste incineration, thermal power generation,steel,and metallurgy.

In the realm of dust removal filter bags known for their high-temperature resistance,P84 polyimide fiber filter material undoubtedly stands out for having the longest service life!

Shanghai Sffiltech Co., Ltd. integrates technology development, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales services. At Sffiltech Industrial, you can choose P84 filter material and other  variety of dust removal cloth bags that are reliable and worry-free. Feel Free to inquire by phone!


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