PP Pleated Filter Cartridges high-quality for sale

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PP Pleated Filter Cartridges high-quality for sale

Description: Doctop proudly presents high-quality PP Pleated Filter Cartridges, a product line designed to meet the stringent demands of various applications.

LPPF Filter Cartridges:

LPPF filter cartridges are meticulously crafted with multilayer polypropylene, showcasing exceptional attributes such as high flow rates, broad chemical compatibility, and a superior dirt-holding capacity. These filters are specifically engineered for applications in vaccines filtration, ensuring reliable removal of particulate and colloidal contaminants.


Features and Benefits:

Superior dirt-holding capacity

Reliable retention of particulates

Broad chemical compatibility


Cartridges are produced in a controlled environment.

Manufactured according to ISO9001 certified Quality Management System.

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