High Flow Folded Filter Cartridge

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High Flow Folded Filter Cartridge 's Description

The large diameter design of the filter cartridge increases the effective filtration area, significantly reducing the number of filter cartridges required and decreasing the outer dimensions of the filter. Additionally, the high flow filter cartridges offer competitive pricing and superior quality. SFFILTECH is a professional manufacturer specializing in high flow filter cartridges, offering a diverse range of product models. The materials have been scientifically validated to effectively filter various substances.


High Flow Folded Filter Cartridge's Specifications

Filtration accuracy: 1μm, 3μm, 5μm, 10μm, 20μm, 50μm, 70μm

Operating temperature: 80°C

Pressure drop: 3.4Bar at 80°C

Recommended pressure drop for filter replacement: 2.4Bar, 20°C

Recommended flow rate: 1300 liters per minute.


High Flow Folded Filter Cartridge's Advantages

1.High flow means fewer filter cartridges are required, reducing labor and operational costs.

2.High flow enables the use of smaller filter housing sizes, reducing investment costs and saving space.

3.Filter cartridge replacement is quicker, simpler, and safer.

4.O-rings ensure the reliability of the filter.

5.Polypropylene material with thermal fusion bonding prevents particle release and unloading, unlike ordinary wound filter cartridges.

6.The folded surface design of the filter cartridge results in lower pressure drop and longer lifespan compared to other filter cartridges.

7.High flow rates are allowed through the filter material, providing advantages such as high efficiency, low pressure loss, and long service life.

8.The inside-out structure of the filter cartridge makes replacement easy while trapping contaminants inside the filter.

9.The β value of the filter cartridge reaches 3000.

10.Multiple filter cartridges can be installed in the filter housing, allowing for a wide range of  low rates to be used during both startup and continuous operation.

11.The filter cartridge is durable and can be configured with minimal and economical filtration.


RO , pretreatment security filtration, seawater desalination Filtration of power plant condensate  water Filtration of raw materials, solvents, and water in the biopharmaceutical industry Filtration of bottled water, sugar solutions, edible oils, fruit juices, soft drinks, and milk Filtration in paint, coatings, and petrochemical industries Microelectronics, film, fibers, and resins.

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