Multi-Bag Filter Housing

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Elevate Filtration Excellence with Multi-Bag Filter Housing

Unlock a new level of filtration quality with Doctop's top-of-the-line BM Multi-Bag Filter Housing. As the premier distributor in the Chinese market, we offer unparalleled quality and reliability.

Multi-Bag Filter Housing's Key Features:

BM Series - Mussels Open Type Multiple Bag Filter Housing

Multi-Bag Filter Housing  

Multi-Bag Filter Housing  

The BM series, an evolution of the fast-open bag filter housing, introduces the mussels open type design tailored for processing a diverse range of liquids, including acids, alkalis, solvents, and neutral liquids. The BM series utilizes bolts to tighten the cover body, ensuring optimal pressure. With features like flanges, sealing rings, and a unique three-point pressing device for bag fastening, it minimizes side leakage. The top cover incorporates a spring balance auxiliary opening mechanism, providing flexibility at any angle.

Multi-Bag Filter Housing's Filter Characteristics:

1. High-Grade Design: Crafted with high-grade specifications to ensure robust corrosion resistance and maximum reliability.

2. Large Flow Capability: Ideal for high-flow filtration, accommodating more impurities, and suitable for extended filter bag replacement intervals.

3. Versatile Filter Options: Compatible with 01 and 02 dimensions of filter bags or filters.

4. User-Friendly Bolt Design: Eye bolt design for convenient and economical operation.

5. Effortless Opening Mechanism: Elaborate design of the auxiliary opening mechanism ensures easy and effortless operation with a single hand.

6. Premium Sealing: High-quality type 0 elastomer sealing ring for exceptional sealing performance and extended life.

7. Minimized Downtime: Swift filter replacement reduces downtime, boosting productivity, and lowering operating costs.

8. Stainless Steel Construction: Liquid parts crafted from pure stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance and durability.

9. Diverse Model Options: Available in eight models, ranging from three bags to twenty-three bags.

10. Choose Doctop's BM Multi-Bag Filter Housing for a superior filtration solution, backed by quality, reliability, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

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