MF Series Moduline Bag Filter Housing

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Doctop's MF Series Moduline Bag Filter Housing - Enhancing Efficiency and Safety

Elevate your filtration processes with the MF Series Moduline Bag Filter Housing from Doctop your trusted supplier for quality filtration solutions. All products are crafted in China to ensure top-notch performance.

MF Series Moduline Bag Filter Housing's Key Features:

Bag Filter Housing System

The MF Series Moduline Bag Filter Housing is a testament to efficiency, safety, and durability. Designed for applications dealing with frequent impurity challenges and the need for continuous production, this series is a valuable asset in enhancing productivity. The quick-opening multiple bag type filter housing provides a rapid and reliable filter element replacement process, minimizing production disruptions and reducing labor intensity.

MF Series Moduline Bag Filter Housing's Filter Characteristics:

1. The fastest 15 seconds to ON/OFF the filter, facilitating swift filter element replacement.

2. Fixed position ON/OFF, eliminating the need to tighten nuts.

3. Safety chain design for exhaust pressure opening of the filter.

4. Gravity balance auxiliary opening mechanism, allowing easy single-finger push to any open angle.

5. Vertical open cover design for a compact layout, saving installation space and piping costs.

6. Special bag pressing ring fastening tools for simple operation and reduced labor.

7. Minimized downtime, promoting productivity, and lowering operating costs.

8. High-quality O-ring elastomer sealing ring for excellent sealing performance and prolonged sealing life.

9. Innovative copper nut design, eliminating thread interaction, saving time and labor during rotation.

10. Liquid contact parts crafted from pure stainless steel for corrosion resistance and durability.

11. Eight models available, ranging from three bags to twenty-three bags.

12. Three import and export orientation layouts for convenient design and installation.

MF Series Moduline Bag Filter Housing's Filter Replacement Steps:

Open the safety interlock device to ensure synchronous pressure relief.

Rotate the shaft by hand to safely open the hoop.

Utilize the spring-assisted balance mechanism to open the upper cover.

Use pressure ring fastening tools to rotate and open the pressure ring.

Remove the bag and replace it with a new one.

Close the top cover securely.

Rotate the shaft by hand.

Close the safety interlock device, entering the status of continuing work.

Enhance your filtration efficiency with Doctop's MF Series Moduline Bag Filter Housing, where speed, reliability, and safety converge for optimal performance.

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